We are a creative studio specializing in iOS, OSX, Android and web app development. We also build scalable backend services to match.
Open Source Business Intelligence is the other half of what we are. We deliver tailor-made Business Analytics solutions and services for Pentaho Platform.

How to get a project going

The best way is by contacting us directly with a requirement draft. Generally, in less than 48 hours you will have a precise idea of the numbers involved. This without any other compromise than the translation of your investment into a delivery fitting of the highest standards Dynambi has defined for its Clients and Partners.

We are a friendly bunch with a wide experience, working remotely for clients from every corner of the World. After the initial conference meeting with the teams involved in your project, you will understand how straight to the point and goal oriented Dynambi culture is.

What is the usual workflow and stages?

  1. Requirement gathering
  2. Effort estimate, combining cost and time.
  3. POC Proposal and Prototyping
  4. Design & Implementation Stage
  5. Checkpoint deliveries to collect feedback
  6. Final Delivery
  7. Training & Support

We like to keep a continuous contact with our clients. From the first meeting to product launching you'll always have the state-of-the-art of the project.

Dynambi work with agile methodologies and use tools like Trello to achieve this. Clients get involve as part of the project and are able to see current status.

We are able to deliver the project, and upon delivery, arrange a Knowledge Transfer program that will prepare your team to develop independently.

Stuff We MADE

This is a selection of some of our recent projects.

Who are our TRAVEL MATES

We are not alone! and, of course, we don't claim to be experts in everything. Dynambi has created strong partnerships with best companies ever. We trust them and we are confident that together we can ensure a better overall solution.

Get in TOUCH

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We try to be promt and answer any emails within 48 hours.
If you send a spam email, we'll send our terminator T-800 to kill you.

Stay in touch

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